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Adult Bible Study - Sundays, 10:15 am 
Sunday School is held at the same time in the Classroom

Current Topic: The Augsburg Confession

Previous Topic
: 19 Minutes with Luther

These short Bible studies are perfect to use at home with your whole family! You can memorize Luther's Small Catechism little by little throughout the studies. Work through the questions together and enjoy conversation centered on God's Word. Find yourselves stuck? Check out the "Helps" on the back side of the page for answers to the questions. 

Click on the lesson titles below to access the PDF for each lesson.
Sunday, March 29th: The Knowledge of God
Sunday, April 5th: Law and Gospel
Sunday, April 19th: Introduction to the Law
Sunday, April 26th: 1st Commandment
Sunday, May 3rd: 2nd Commandment
Sunday, May 10th: 3rd Commandment
Sunday, May 17th: 4th Commandment
Sunday, May 24th: 5th Commandment

Previous Topic (March 15th & 22nd): Luther's Letter "Whether One May Flee From a Deadly Plague"

Last week during Sunday Morning Bible Class, we began working our way through a letter written by Martin Luther in 1527 regarding the proper response that leaders ought to have had while serving in the midst of the Bubonic Plague.

We took special note of Luther's evangelical approach to the situation: to people's local circumstances, including weak or strong faith, and to what benefit they could be to their neighbor.

As you finish reading through Luther's letter at home for Bible Class this week, please ponder again Luther's evangelical and pastoral advice and how it may apply to us today as we seek to love our neighbor, respect our government, and honor God's Word.

Notice on pages 237-238 how fear, terror, and horror come from Satan. Consider what Luther says is the proper response to this.

On the bottom of page 240, note what Luther identifies as the proper motivation for loving our neighbor.

On page 241, see how Luther encourages us to strike a balance in loving our neighbor so that we don't put ourselves in harm's way thoughtlessly so as to test God.

Notice how Luther, on page 242, sees man-made methods of fighting dangers as blessings from God rather than an indication of our distrust or lack of faith. In other words, it is allowable and even wise for us to use man-made medicines and use good hygiene or clean our houses in response to such situations.

The full letter can be found here and printed for note-taking if you wish.

Mid-week Morning Bible Study - Wednesdays, 10:00 am 

Everyone is welcome. We hope you can join us!

Women in God's Grace (WIGG) - Second Saturday, 9:30 am 

The ladies of Grace meet regularly on the second Saturday of the month in the church classroom for a Bible study and an activity. 

Bible Information Class (BIC) - Scheduled upon request

This class is a great option for members and visitors alike who would like to review the basic Bible teachings. Please contact Pastor Naumann to schedule a time that works well for you.
*Childcare is available upon request.

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