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Daily Schedule


Preschool Schedule
8:15-8:25 am               Table Time
Table Time/Craft Project Fun
8:25-8:40 am               Jesus and Music Time
Circle Time (Jesus Time, Fun Finger-plays, and Music and Movement)
8:40-8:55 am               Bathroom and Book Time
Children look at books and pick one to take home.  The take-home book is placed in an envelope.  When read at home, there will be a spot to initial.  When a child has read enough books to reach the bottom of the envelope, they will receive a new envelope and the child will get a turn to pick a fun item from the “treasure box!” 
8:55-9:10 am               Snack Fun
 Children will learn to pray, use good table manners, and asked to be excused to get up from table.  During this time a Math/Science Activity may be incorporated to go with snack and theme.
9:10-10:00 am             Explore Time/Clean-Up
 Children will find their name in the area that they can start “exploring” and will continue to move throughout this time.  Explore time involves playing in all areas (Dramatic play, Science, Block and Transportation, Art, Technology, Library, and Music).  New items will be added to different areas as the “themes” change. 
10:00-10:15 am           Let's Get Ready
Bathroom time and getting ready to go outside. 

10:15-10:35 am           Outside Time
Outside Time will be a time to move around and engage in activities that are out for the day.  We will play some group games too!  If unable to go outside, we will do some group large-motor movement inside.
10:35-10:50 am           Project Time
We will do a craft activity pertaining to the theme or Bible story of the week.
10:50-11:05 am           Story and More Time
 Teacher will read a story pertaining to the theme, and use this book to pull in some Math/Science/ Writing Fun/Poem and Song Movement
11:05-11:15am            End of Day Fun
Recap fun!  We will sing a Preschool “end of the day” song, recap our day, and if time do some guessing games.  This time will also be used for “sharing bag.”
***Note:  We may end outside if our schedule is different.  If we are outside, you may pick up your child there.

Extended Care Schedule
 11:25-11:35am            Let's Get Ready to Eat! 
Use Bathroom and Get lunch. Parents will provide a nutritious lunch and we will provide the milk.
11:35-11:50am            Let's Eat Lunch!
11:50am-12:30 pm     Explore in Room
We may watch a short video from time to time.
12:30- 12:50 pm          Getting Ready for Quiet Time
Use the bathroom, brush teeth, and lay out mat.  Children may pick out a couple books to look at during this time.  A quiet music tape/cd will be used during this time. 
12:50-3:00 pm             Quiet Time
If a child is not asleep after 30 minutes...they are able to get up do some quiet activities. 
3:00-3:10 pm               Snack Time
3:10-4:00                     Explore/Outside Time/Game Fun
***Extended Care is less-structured and may vary a little from day to day depending upon sleeping children and pick-up time. 



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